The Original Tour Diary

Kremlin Palace, Moscow, Russia

OlimpiskyAnd so here we are…..the final diary entry of the tour. Were done! We came off stage about an hour ago and everyone is sad, but glad. The last show was fantastic, it really couldn’t have been a better atmosphere. Here’s a shot of the venue for the last show which was of course the [...]

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Octabrsky Concert Centre, St Petersburg, Russia

rhythm sectionWe arrived in St. Petersburg last night after the show in Helsinki. A marked difference in cultures. Chad, Glenn and myself went for a long walk around the town today armed with cameras. I couldn’t tell you what this building was (there are so many magnificent structures) but it was big. bassThe PyroBass was [...]

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Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland

Bass AuctionNEWS....The PyroMan Bass guitar is finally up on e-bay for auction. I had a few problems getting it there. It's under the MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS category. There is a link directly to the auction page on my homepage. Don't forget...the proceeds from this sale will go directly to 'Teenage Cancer Trust' UK. A worthy [...]

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Globe Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden

Golf?The largest golf ball in the world… in fact a great venue. This picture was taken on our final approach into Stockholm airport. 11,0003 shows to go now……and last night’s was sold out. 11,000 ‘music lovers’ showed up at the Globe, and a great crowd it was. sit down!The show went smoothly, except for a [...]

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Spektrum, Oslo, Norway

White StratHot news….Mark received his prototype signature Martin (HD-40MK) the other day. He is knocked out by the sound, the looks and the build. This guitar will go into production in January 2002, so get your orders in now. Mark has congratulated Dick Boak and everyone who was involved in the project at Martin guitars. [...]

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Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark

Devotion to dutyTaken at RAF Northolt. This is the photo for the next Caption Competition. Send your captions to the usual address [email protected] If you want to see the full size image, go to my website and click CAPTION COMPETITION PyroMan Bass Guitar Auction I’m going to set up the auction of the PyroMan Bass [...]

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KölnArena, Cologne, Germany

50Richard did his best to keep this quiet, and nearly succeeded. It was Richard’s 50th birthday on the Sunday 22nd July. May I wish you a happy birthday Richard on behalf of all in the band and crew. Joanne presented this cake last night on the plane home after-show from Cologne. It was another one [...]

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City Hall, Newcastle, UK

Welcome home"Welcome home Mark" was the cry as we came onstage tonight at the City Hall. A welcoming atmosphere made the show very enjoyable for us all on stage. It was the last show of the tour to be recorded (previously Madrid, Bilbao and Glasgow). We’ll be working on the live release soon. I’ll post [...]

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Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, UK

Narrow busThe trip from Manchester this afternoon was thankfully uneventful, after the events yesterday. Mike, Chad and Richard pictured here as the bus speeds northward on the M6 through the Lake District. ClydeThis is the venue as it appears when you arrive at the SEC. A mini Sydney Opera house. Security was an issue again [...]

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MEN Arena, Manchester, UK

BlowoutToday’s travel was a slight departure from our normal routine. I went home after the show in Brighton, and so did MK. The rest of the band drove overnight to Manchester. A pleasant 4-5 hour drive through the night was what they all were looking forward to. However, what happened about 2 hours into the [...]

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