Bass Auction
NEWS….The PyroMan Bass guitar is finally up on e-bay for auction. I had a few problems getting it there. It’s under the MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS category. There is a link directly to the auction page on my homepage.

Don’t forget…the proceeds from this sale will go directly to ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’ UK. A worthy cause indeed.

Nordic Mike
Mike Henderson caught here honouring an earlier bet with the roadies. The Viking helmet is the property of the sound crew.  

Mark had an ‘interesting’ time during the playout of Telegraph Road tonight. He came offstage an described how his 2nd string came off the bridge of the guitar half way through a ‘blinding’ playout solo. He stopped, replaced it in its correct position and played on. Remarkably, it was still in tune. An excitable audience tonight. They were up on their feet from Walk of life (2nd song) onwards.

Mark signing a competition winner’s Dobro guitar during the meet and greet today. This venue incidentally, was the place we visited and performed at during the promotional tour in November 2000.

high mileage
Richard’s guitar flight case has obviously done a few miles over the years as this picture testifies. Dave Wright (production manager) saw the offending item and arranged for its immediate removal.

Production office
Paul Crockford and Glenn Saggers disagreeing over something in the production office.

Mr Hook
Tim Hook (Tour Manager) snapped here deep in ‘end of tour’ accounts.