We finished up mixing John’s album last week in British Grove. All the tracks are sounding great and it was a real joy mixing on the API console in studio 2. John is getting the band together next week for some shots so I’ll finish this diary off next week with some images. Stay tuned for info on the album release.


The new John Illsley album is nearing completion. John and I have been hard at work getting the record in shape ready for mixing at the end of the month. Bob Mazzer came into the studio a few weeks ago and took these photos.

John running through one of his tunes with the band at British Grove.

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The multi-talented Rich Cooper sits here between John and Joe Kearns (assistant/tape-op). Rich is the in-house engineer at British Grove and is proving to be quite an asset to the studio. Rich also engineers for me whenever I’m in the studio.

L-R Lee, Steve, John, myself and Rich Cooper

Lee Boylan on drums

Steve Teirnay on bass