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Dire Straits Live Box Set 2023

It was a good four years ago when the idea of a DS Live Box set was first discussed, and the idea of assembling a project of this depth was daunting, to say the least. The history of the band, of course, extends beyond my first involvement in 1984, so I was thrilled to have [...]

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2023 Studio Diary 3

Studio Diary - Spring 2023 Well who would have thought? A whole year has slipped away since I last updated, and I'm buggered if I know where the time went. The album that Mark and I started working on way back in early 2021, seems to have taken on a life of its own, morphing [...]

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A day-trip to Redonda

A day-trip to Redonda A story from the recording of Brothers In Arms It's been on my mind for many years to write this story. Cast your mind back to 1984, I had just joined the band and off we flew to Montserrat to record the album 'Brothers in arms'. Alan Clark and I were [...]

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2022 Studio Diary 2

Lacing the Studer A827 Surfacing from our self-imposed isolation, four weeks of re-ignited friendships, stories, laughs and of course, recording, we struggle to comprehend the unfolding horror in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with its people and the families who have been separated and forced to flee their homeland, many of whom are trapped. Their bravery [...]

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2022 Studio Diary – 1

The stage is set... ...and the sweetest of reunions is finally here. Long travelled and bleary eyed, the US half of Mark’s band arrived this weekend narrowly dodging the chaos of the latest winter storm. Five Northeastern US states declaring a state of emergency moments after the boys took to the air. Glenn, Richard, Jim [...]

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25th September 2019 – New York NY

The Iconic Holy Temple of Rock and Roll, as Billy Joel once described Madison square Garden, was to be our final destination of this very special tour. The last time we came here was as Dire Straits in February 1992 and before that, October 1985 when Billy Joel guested. My recollections of that night are [...]

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22nd September 2019 – Los Angeles CA

The history of the Los Angeles Greek Theatre dates back to 1882, when Colonel Griffith J. Griffith, came to America from South Wales to seek fortune in gold mining. Colonel Griffith settled in Los Angeles and purchased the Los Feliz Rancho, which he later donated to the City of Los Angeles in 1896. This three [...]

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21st September 2019 – Phoenix AZ

During our stay in Santa Monica, I’ve struggled to tick the Huevos Rancheros box satisfactorily. Our favourite old breakfast spot, ‘M Street Kitchen’ has sadly disappeared, gone the way of many restaurants on Main Street as rate increases force everyone but the most successful business out. We ate at ‘Cora’s’, another ancient Mexican cafe on [...]

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20th September 2019 – Santa Barbara CA

Bowl Vista The day off we enjoyed in Santa Monica at the Casa del Mar was mostly spent lying by the hotel pool in glorious late Summer Californian sun but in the evening, Laurie and I had a wonderful meal with Eric, her brother and his wife Leslie at the terribly trendy ‘Elephante’ restaurant nearby. [...]

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18th September 2019 – Berkeley CA

Kev Rowe and John McCuskerJimmy with daughter Grace Hearst is a name which reverberates through the publishing world as William Randolph Hearst Sr. made his name developing newspapers and media. His flamboyant methods emphasised sensationalism and human interest stories, the journalism we all know today. His life story became the core inspiration for Charles Foster [...]

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