2000 A Shot At Glory

Directed by Michael Corrente and starring Robert Duvall, Michael Keaton and Ally McCoist, an impressive performance in his first major film.

I’ve had a lot of mail asking when the soundtrack album will be released in America and the rest of Europe….

Get this! – Sadly there are currently NO plans to release it anywhere other than the UK at the moment as the record company (Universal) are of the opinion that there will be no demand for the soundtrack whilst the movie remains unreleased worldwide.

I’m assured though that as soon as the film gets it’s worldwide go-ahead that will all change.

 Mark and I had a great deal of fun on this soundtrack and we spent a good deal of time working with Callum Malcolm at Castlesound studios in Scotland. It was made all the more enjoyable by the wonderful musicians who were involved.

Callum proved to be a sharp-eared technical font of knowledge, both Mark and I enjoyed his expertise and assistance.


Billy Jackson – Harp, Bodhran and whistle. Iain Lowthian – Piano Accordion. Steve Sidwell – trumpet. Danny (old faithful) Cummings – percussion. Iain MacInnes – (serious) bagpipes. Chris White – Tenor & soprano sax. Catriona Macdonald – fiddle.

Mark mentioned to me that because the artwork was put together in a bit of a rush..he was not credited in the liner notes. I had a look and he’s right. He was particularly upset as this is the album on which he makes his debut as a BASS PLAYER!

a fine job he did too.

Robert Findlay as ‘Little Jackie’ and Robert Duvall as ‘Gordon McLeod’.

Ally McCoist as ‘Jackie McQuillan’ with young wee ‘Little Jackie’ again.