Devotion to duty

Taken at RAF Northolt. This is the photo for the next Caption Competition. Send your captions to the usual address If you want to see the full size image, go to my website and click CAPTION COMPETITION

PyroMan Bass Guitar Auction

I’m going to set up the auction of the PyroMan Bass today..It will hopefully be up on e-bay soon. We still haven’t decided which charity organisation should benefit from the proceeds (assuming it sells) More info later. I’ll dig out a large picture and put it on my site today so you can view it close up. Sorry to have to keep sending you to my site but I’m constrained to SMALL file sizes on the STP site.
BTW – Anyone know of an AOL access number for St. Petersburg and/or Moscow?

Here’s a shiny Glenn Worf posing in front of the Dornier upon arrival in Copenhagen.

At RAF Northolt this morning, while we were waiting for our slot, one of the Queen’s plane’s (this one, an Avro jet also known as a ‘Jumbolino’) was boarded and flew to an undisclosed location with several dignitaries on board. Photography requires permission at this aerodrome, apologies, your majesty. It was definitely another one of ‘those’ amazing travel days. After waking up at home we drove to Northolt, flew to Copenhagen and ‘ran’ after-show to Oslo, which is where we are right now. The entry is a bit late today on account of a lie-in!

Close encounters
Here’s an excellent shot taken by Alex (on Chad’s camera) of tonight’s show, probably during So far away. The show was a lot of fun, very relaxed, a great audience. Very nice people.

At 29,000 feet above Denmark, pilots Daniel Di Guisto and Christophe Gunner pose for a cockpit picture taken by Chad.

Mark at Copenhagen airport. We were waiting for our escort to lead the Mercedes convoy through the airport toward the exit.“5 minutes”
5 minutes to showtime and Chad is warming up on his knees, whilst MK relaxes (ears-out)