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We arrived in St. Petersburg last night after the show in Helsinki. A marked difference in cultures. Chad, Glenn and myself went for a long walk around the town today armed with cameras. I couldn’t tell you what this building was (there are so many magnificent structures) but it was big.

The PyroBass was tonight signed by all the band members in a mercenary effort to increase its auction value. Hey, it’s for a good cause. 

Book of the Tour Diary update….I am presently compiling/writing/expanding (I use these terms loosely) excerpts from these diaries and gathering information from various other sources with the intention of producing a book. The feedback so far has inspired me to develop this idea. I do not have a publisher at the moment and therefore thought I’d throw this one out there to see if anyone was interested in becoming involved in the idea. Obviously the content of the book will be primarily my ‘inside’ viewpiont of the MK STP tour, but I do plan to include chapters/sections about the buildup to the tour, the rehearsals, the recording of the STP album and any other interesting things of relevance. As this is very much about the web and it’s potential for discussion and feedback, and since your e-mails have been a constant source of amusement/ interest to myself and the band, I plan to include e-mail excerpts in the book (obviously gaining permission first). I will be receiving and replying to e-mails LONG after the tour is over, in fact, you can safely assume I will just continue the work through ‘till the next MK tour. So, any publishers out there who can and see the obvious appeal of a book about Rock’n’Roll touring from a ‘different’ perspective….get in touch. mail@guyfletcher.co.uk

Here’s a picture I took whist roaming the streets of this beautiful city.
I know there is still one more diary entry to go, but here, I’d like to thank you all for your mails, photos, comments, criticisms and your support in general; without this, I would not have become so addicted to the job and enjoyed it quite so much. Also, I apologise for not putting up many of the Fan pics you’ve sent in, I do plan to have a section in the book devoted to this.

A quick pic of the production office at the venue tonight.  

The show itself was really quite a landmark for all of us as none of us have ever played in Russia before. We had no idea what to expect. As it turned out, it was a unique experience….the crowd were tremendous although the security here showed signs of being slightly paranoid in that they kept everyone in their seats for most of the show (now where have I heard that before?). Crocks came to the rescue once again and explained our ‘relaxed’ policy to the security staff and they reluctantly adopted a lower profile. The sound system was not our own, so we had a bit of a mental adjustment to make during the show…lots of feedback…also, the power was fluctuating wildly which resulted in the PA becoming difficult to control for Robbie(FOH sound). The other thing I should mention is that the crew had a particularly difficult time at the border crossing which meant that they were very late arriving at the venue, and VERY tired. Once again…a remarkable job everyone!

Here’s Mike upon his arrival at the restaurant tonight. We ate after the show tonight (IN A RESTAURANT)as it was quite an early showtime.