The largest golf ball in the world… in fact a great venue. This picture was taken on our final approach into Stockholm airport.

3 shows to go now……and last night’s was sold out. 11,000 ‘music lovers’ showed up at the Globe, and a great crowd it was.

sit down!
The show went smoothly, except for a couple of wonderfully enthusiastic fans right down in the 1st row, who were asked to sit down by two ladies behind them. They refused. Mark heard the girls’ cries (in Swedish) and enquired as to their predicament. They informed him that the ‘chaps’ in front were obstructing their view, so Mark asked them to be seated….all of this was going on over the microphone with 10,994 people listening in. Again, they refused. Mark then said “when you folks have finished arguing, maybe we can get on with the next tune”. Eventually, supremely embarrassed, they seated themselves and everyone cheered. Mark and Richard then launched into ‘Done with Bonaparte’.

Thanks to David, I think it is, who sent the band this magnum of champagne with the pictured customised label. We plan to open it up after the last show of the tour in Moscow.

I thought I’d take a quick snap of MK with the broken pyrobass before I put it up for auction on e-bay. For more details go to ….you know where…

I’m actually having a hard time uploading the info onto e-bay….anyone with experience in these matters could do worse than to e-mail me.