Welcome home
“Welcome home Mark” was the cry as we came onstage tonight at the City Hall. A welcoming atmosphere made the show very enjoyable for us all on stage. It was the last show of the tour to be recorded (previously Madrid, Bilbao and Glasgow). We’ll be working on the live release soon. I’ll post info on my site as soon as I know when. guyfletcher.co.uk A slightly annoying episode for me for the 2 recorded shows was that my Hammond XB2 organ blew up before the show in Glasgow. Tim dealt with it superbly of course, after thoroughly checking it out and deciding it was terminal, he found a replacement (the new XB1) It’s just sod’s law that it should happen for the two recorded shows.

Here we all are during soundcheck today.

After soundcheck I put my feet up and snapped the Hall.

Mark and Glenn
Here’s Mark and Glenn leaving the hotel in Glasgow this morning. Mark drove, needless to say they beat us to the gig. (we were in the bus)

Tea on the bus
Chad caught making the tea on the bus. Actually, for an American, he produced a splendid cuppa.

the mobile again
The mobile recording unit outside the venue.

Here is the Nord during the intro to Speedway at Nazareth at sound check, note the key peg (for the bass sequence)

Mr. Topley
Here’s William Topley in the dressing room. I snapped this one during my break in Sultans of Swing. A BIG thank you to William for joining us for the UK leg of the tour and making Sailing to Philadelphia a much more enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to check out William’s web site for info on his fab. records. He’s just finished making another one and will be touring it soon. Good luck William.

William’s website:


Mike (sans stage hat)
Mike Henderson surveys the City Hall, I never realised that there was a pipe organ there.

the city hall again
Another shot of the venue during sound check