Narrow bus
The trip from Manchester this afternoon was thankfully uneventful, after the events yesterday. Mike, Chad and Richard pictured here as the bus speeds northward on the M6 through the Lake District.

This is the venue as it appears when you arrive at the SEC. A mini Sydney Opera house. Security was an issue again tonight. During So Far Away Mark was compelled once again to stop the security staff from preventing people on the balcony from rushing forward. It was hardly a rush. It never fails to amaze us how the local security can so blatantly disregard our instructions in allowing people to stand up in their seats during the show. Anyway, I hope it didn’t detract from your enjoyment of the show tonight.

Sun Chair
Continuing the theme, the tanning chair, BJ assures me is out of order only temporarily.

lounging at the Lowry
I resorted to lounging on the chairs in the hotel lobby. Chad snapped me here.