28th October 2013 – Oakland 2

  Finishing up a tour in San Francisco is not unfamiliar but as with all recent MK tours, it doesn't quite feel like an ending. Only a weeks worth of shows here in California and so soon after the European leg it has felt like a continuation and with Mark and I having already started [...]

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27th October 2013 – Oakland 1

In stark contrast to the weather in the more Southern regions of California, the grey mist hung this morning over the San Francisco Bay area stubbornly. The wind was whistling, as it always seems to so here but it was nothing compared to the potentially violent storm approaching the South Coast of the UK. Many [...]

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26th October 2013 – Los Angeles

In the heart of what is known as K-Town or Koreatown in Central Los Angeles lies the old vaudeville, art deco  Wiltern theatre, built in 1931. Our first visit to this, one of many historic buildings from an era of expansion in Los Angeles. The facade of the building has clearly remained the same since [...]

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25th October 2013 – Las Vegas

Which ever way you look at it, Las Vegas is an intriguing city. If ever you need evidence of just how fast a town can grow, look no further than Las Vegas. Once marked as a town by non-native Americans, Vegas started life as a stopover on the pioneer trails to the West, and became [...]

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23rd October 2013 – Long Beach

With the sun straining to burn through the typical October marine layer of low cloud, our Santa Monica base is as comforting as ever. We've been parked up at the Casa del Mar for almost a week now and the Brits have just about acclimatized to the time zone. With a few days of rehearsals [...]

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