30th July 2013 – San Sebastian Donostia

Running Out. San Sebastian or Donostia as it is known in Basque must be one of the most beautiful cities of this tour. Situated on the Northern coast of Spain near the border with France, its beaches and coastline are dramatic and beautiful. The old town is a great place to wander and eat. Something [...]

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27th July – Malaga

Muchos Abrazos. The incredible, if not fortunate Juan José Padilla... There was a brief respite today with the weather in Madrid as it rained. I'm not sure I recall ever seeing rain here. It meant that the temperature dropped to the very comfortable mid-70's. No such comfort for the crew who were loading in after [...]

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24th July 2013 – Carcassonne

Hand Picked Today's short flight took us back into France after a glorious day off in Barcelona, one of our favourite stops on any tour, more on that tomorrow as we play there. Our final show in France on this fabulous tour was in the delightfully medieval setting of Carcassonne and its fortified city walls, [...]

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22nd July 2013 – Saint Julien en Genevois

  Heating Up Reluctantly checking out of the favourite hotel of the tour (official) we prepared ourselves for the journey ahead. A short hop down to Geneva and across the nearby French border to the town of Saint Julien en Genevois. The weather continues to warm up and inevitably during such conditions, thunderstorms are never [...]

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20th July – Zurich

Dolder Delight The delightful Dolder Grand Hotel was every bit as pristine as we remembered from our brief visit nearly two years ago at the tail end on the first 'Bob encounter'. We now recall with more fondness the quirkiness of the in-room electronics. Once you get used to the fact there are no light [...]

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