21st Nov 2012 – Brooklyn

Thanks Giving. This amazing, resilient city has of course recently suffered once more, this time at the hands of god. Life came grinding to a halt on October 29th as the 'super-storm' Hurricane Sandy tore through the New Jersey coastline wreaking untold damage and changing the face of parts of the New York area for [...]

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20th Nov 2012 – Washington DC

Hats Off. Today's diary entry starts live from the tour bus. Our only daytime journey of the tour from one city to another meant climbing out of bed at an ungodly hour. Actually, 10:15am is hardly ungodly but it's earlier than our usual departure times. It's all relative. The drive from Philadelphia to Washington is [...]

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19th Nov 2012 – Philadelphia PA

Singing Sign   'There are three things you don't want on the road...Head ache, Stomach ache and Greg Lake' goes the ancient rock'n'roll joke but today, one of them got me. Most likely it was an over-indulgence in the Clam Chowder department on the bus last night that left my stomach in turmoil. An hour [...]

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18th Nov 2012 – Boston MA

Lobster Lure. The final day off of the tour landed us in Boston and for me, an irresistible urge to re-visit the Legal Seafood restaurant conveniently located next door to our hotel. I'd managed to get through the whole tour thus far without having a New England Clam Chowder and today was the day. Well [...]

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16th Nov 2012 – Montreal QC

FolkStream Fiasco. We wake to another beautifully crisp morning in Ontario and with the temperature slowly rising to a balmy, no a sultry ten degrees. We check out of our newly crowned king of hotels, the Four Seasons of Yorkville, Toronto and onto Jason's bus for a 'sunglasses required' snail's-pace drive to Pearson International airport. [...]

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14th Nov 2012 – Toronto ON

Old and New. It's not often we get the opportunity to stay in a brand new hotel. The Four Seasons in Toronto is exactly that and has only been open for five weeks. As the new flagship hotel for the Toronto based Four Seasons chain, its construction has been eagerly anticipated for many years not [...]

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13th Nov 2012 – Detroit MI

Fabulous Fox. Sunglasses were the order of the morning today, not because of any self-induced morning-after situation but simply because it was SO damn bright. The repercussions of that Popeye grease injected chicken-part gluttony last night on the bus left me feeling queazy to say the least and a cloudless Chicago sky, a dry, icy [...]

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12th Nov 2012 – Grand Rapids MI

Bus Plane Bus. After two, yes two whole days off in Chicago, we are experiencing a typical early Winter weather phenomenon. Whilst Saturday was touching upon a balmy and humid 70 degrees with scattered thunderstorms, this morning we awoke to an alarming, bright and sunny 25 degrees! A frontal system came through last night, (as [...]

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9th Nov 2012 – Chicago IL

Sweet Tooth.   To say that we've been fortunate with the weather on this trip is an understatement. The chaos and terrible devastation on the East Coast caused by 'Sandy' and the cold weather systems closing in from the North now leaves us here in the windy city with probably the last few days of [...]

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8th Nov 2012 – Milwaukee WI

Leinen-Kugel. Groggily, we woke this morning after a late check-in to the Milwaukee Pfister hotel. As I opened the laptop I thought about our intrepid crew boys who more often than not, don't have the luxury of hotels during the day, even on some days off as the distances can be so great, they may [...]

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