8th April 2010 – Seattle

Just when you think you've got this jet-lag thing licked it kicks your ass, removing your sense of balance, disabling your eyelids and erasing any trace of short term memory. Bed is the only solution and the bed in question I have renamed cocoon-bed. We arrived safe and sound here in Seattle via the [...]

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19th March 2010 – Rehearsals week 2

The three week rehearsal period is now over and we all have a week off whilst the equipment is shipped to Seattle for the first date of the tour. We are planning a production rehearsal day, the day before the show. It will be a long day for the crew boys as the PA, [...]

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12th March 2010 – Rehearsals week 1

We're now well into our second week of rehearsals with the full band and it all seems to be going very well indeed. If anything, smoother than ever before although I probably shouldn't speak for the new boys. Tim and Mike have been immersing themselves in the wonderful world of MK, learning the [...]

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5th March 2010 – Pre-Reh

Friday 5th March 2010 Almost exactly two years ago this day, I felt the icy cold sensation of my ear canals being injected with 'Smurf-wax', a mildly comical process which must be endured if one is to receive the latest in in-ear monitoring technology. Since we switched 'direct-inject monitoring', we've never looked back and [...]

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