RB pictured with Amy, our stewardess. Chad is sitting up in the jump seat today.

How’s this for travelling….Board the G4 in NYC at 3:30pm, fly to Ottowa in 1 hour, do a show there, jump straight back onto the G4, fly to Toronto in one and a half hours and be in your hotel room in 21 minutes after landing………..

We love this plane

Fletcher and Worf
Guy and Glenn here in Ottawa, Canada. Sorry about the focus. You can see the camera I’ve been using to shoot all this rubbish. It’s a Sony PC110E digital. (BTW, if anyone out there has the same camera and has experienced difficulty hooking it up via firewire to a Mac with iMovie2…. let me know at

Boring techky update..I’ve discovered it’s a camera problem and needs to be replaced. Anyone else had this?