In ears
The bold move to launch the band into the 21st century by switching to ‘In-Ear’ monitors has had its doubters since the rehearsal period in March. Chad was the first to sing the praises of the hi-tech system having used them before on previous tours. He talked Mark, Guy, Glenn and Geraint into trying them out. All four musicians (uses the term loosely) were instantly converted. However, Richard and Mike remain unconvinced to this day. Indeed, they are still using the old fashioned ‘Bensons’ (& Hedges –wedges) as we move into the North American leg of the tour. A well-respected monitor engineer was heard to utter, “It’s horses for courses …. Stand by”.  

The picture is from the dressing room in Mexico. The backdrop is a beautiful Mexican traditional shrine. Mark is reading a splendid magazine. Boards UK. Check it out all you windsurfers!