Sushi @ 45,000ft
Today was another one of those amazing travel days. Leaving Vancouver at 2:00pm, we had lunch on the plane. Sushi. Good sushi. Well it was Vancouver! We landed in Portland, Oregon at around 3:00 and sound checked at 4:30. I’ve always wanted to spend more time in Portland as I’m a windsurfer. Actually that’s a bit of an understatement. I’ll get to Hood river some day for some of their Nuclear wind.

We sound-checked and just before the show we attended our usual ‘meet’n’greet’, where we meet guests of the band, record company, promoter, local radio etc. etc. This one was slightly different as Mike and Richard decided to lay on the entertainment. Richard on acoustic and Mike on mandolin.  

The show itself was great. Tonight, Glenn ‘threw’ the bass at the end of Pyro from I would guess 4 feet. We don’t know yet if it has survived. Stay tuned. After the usual encores..the Portland crowd wouldn’t let us off the stage without another one. We decided to do Long Highway. We haven’t done that one for a while. The crew were thrown a bit as they already had the guitars packed away. That’s what you get for being too efficient!

Then a ‘runner’ out to the airport for a 1hour 15min. flight to San Francisco, which is where I am now drinking the finest cup of PG tips one can make. More about that in later installments.

Bennett’n’Henderson serenade the guests before the show.