So you think you know the band! This is a tour diary competition.  

Can you recognise the 6 band members from the pictures on their tour photo passes.

The faces have been disguised by simple use of a ‘Sharpie’ pen. No additional computer enhancement has been applied. If you think you recognise these people, then simply send me your answers to . . . . (subject ‘Competition’)

A Marti Pellow
B Reginald Bosanquet
C David Vine etc. etc.

The first 3 correct e-mail answers will receive a TOUR GIFT PACKAGE including…..
an MK guitar pick. 
a Signed photo (not sure what of yet)
a Backstage pass (from a previous show!,! not sure which one yet)
a High resolution photo -of your choice- from the tour diary (uploaded to your e-mail address personally by me)

Competition closes at midnight 14th June 2001

Good Luck

Damage report!!
OK. Here’s a brief damage report on the PyroMan bass. As you can see, it has suffered a fairly major wound. Still in one piece though. (We realise this may affect your desire to bid for the instrument when it appears on E-bay.)

Here’s Chad and Eddie at soundcheck today….It’s Chad’s birthday today (14th) Happy Birthday Chad.

Band dinner
This is a band serious about their dinner. Not often all (except me of course) in the same shot together.

Ahh…Here we have our Brendan Galvin (assistant tour manager) on the left, enjoying a quick, unnoticed snooze at the back of the plane together with Tim Hook (Tour manager)