Pre show rituals
Pre show rituals

Mike and Richard continue to do battle on the card table before each show. A card game called Casino. For official rules go to  

Looks like a fight waiting to happen to me although I’m sure we’ll all be playing it soon enough. Always the hardest thing to do for me before a show is staying awake. Doing nothing is tiring. If you do fall asleep within an hour before a gig, the ability to concentrate never really returns, at least not ‘till the encores. By then of course, you’re pissed. (just kidding)
Glenn continues to disappear into the bathroom to prepare his larynx. It’s a phenominon heard throughout the building in the air conditioning ducts!
Soundcheck at the Gigantinho
The customary pounding of the drum kit at the beginning of soundcheck. This hall was the mother of all halls sound-wise. Basically a giant concrete dome. Not for the faint hearted. A great jam packed, steamy sweaty gig though.