Another star guest appearance.
Sonny Landreth thrilled us all by coming along to ‘help out’ on a few tunes. ‘Who’s your baby’, ‘Pyro Man’ and ‘Sailing….(also with William Topley) were prime candidates, whilst ‘Money for nothing’ and ‘So far away’ were enriched by his slide extravaganzas during the encores. Thank-you Sonny. We had a great night here in New Orleans, after the show we all went off into the French quarter.

Thanks again to everyone who sent me birthday messages.

Tucking in

I went out for lunch with Chad and Mike yesterday. Here are a few pictures. Oyster/Shrimp po boy, seafood gumbo, shrimp remoulade etc.

Mad Matador Mike
Mike and Pete relax and enjoy the unique after-show atmosphere in the dressing room.

If you’ve been to a show and have a digital camera loaded with stupendous shots of Mark, the band, the venue, hanging outside the stage door etc. etc. and you don’t know what to do with them. Send them to me (Maximum-240 pixels wide please) and if they’re good, I’ll upload them onto the site. Instant gratification.