Wide shot
San Francisco, what can you say. Pic – on the way to the gig in Berkeley.
The show itself was ‘different’. A much more well behaved audience than previous gigs. Still an excellent crowd, don’t get me wrong.(disclaimer) We just felt we had to push a bit harder, (which we did) if you know what I mean. This worked of course. I think we won them over by the end. I’d be interested to hear the viewpiont of anyone at the show last night. You know where-

Here’s my tea making facility (kettle not shown) PG Tips of course. I’m sure many of you Brits back at home can relate to this. I have to write my name on the pot to prevent the hotel staff from nicking it! Note the zip-lock bag of teabags in background

Mark, playing a guitar, and singing.

Berkeley 2
Today, Glenn went and purchased a NEW (cheaper) gleaming white Fender precision bass specifically for the Pyro Man ‘performance’. After the other night’s high altitude ‘bass-drop’ I guess he felt the instrument wasn’t going to make the end of the tour. The new one actually sounds pretty good. The customary throwing of the bass guitar to the stage took place, but everyone felt much better about it. Glenn shown here re-tuning the guitar after a test launch.

Check out those clouds in the background!

William Topley’s band were back in the supporting role tonight, in fact William came on-stage to sing the Sailing to Philadelphia duet with Mark, which he did beautifully I might add. Thanks William.

Thanks for all your comments re. last night’s show, I understand how much everyone enjoyed it. I hope we came up to expectations tonight. Especially as the show was recorded!

The two Glenn’s inspecting the damage incurred by Mark after he tested the strength of the new Pyro-Bass. It was well and truly tested during today’s sound-check.

It’s the Glenn Worf website!
Still trying to tune the Pyro-bass…it doesn’t sound all that bad Glenn!