Caipirinhas..scene of the crime

Undoubtedly one of the talking points of the Brazilian leg was the rate at which the caipirinhas were consumed. A well-known English keyboard player started the ball rolling on the promotional tour there in November by consuming fourteen caipirinhas within a 12-hour period. (Zeppelin bar, Rio de Janeiro. Situated across the street from the Sheraton hotel and just below some of the more spectacular favellas in Rio.) The hangover lasted for two days. Probably not that impressive to most hardened drinkers but worth a mention as Guy doesn’t drink spirits, (except tequila, oh, and vodka). This was a feat with which even the locals were impressed. He commented “To this day I’ve not met anyone who has consumed greater amounts of the stuff”. By the end of the South American leg, caipirinhas were seen being freely administered to all band members after every show. It was decided that the band shouldn’t do a ‘runner’ after the shows in Sao Paulo as it would show disrespect as well as being an awful waste of deliciously prepared cocktails.

another boring view from the room, this time in Rio. Crap Huh?