Guy’s rig
Guy’s keyboard rig consists of an old beaten up Korg SG1D used purely as a master keyboard. A Korg Trinity Plus, a Clavia Nord 2 Synth used for big synthy low-end stuff and also for Junkie Doll/Pyro Man sounds. A Roland JD800 Synth with String Cards, used for most of the soft string pad/beds mixed with samples and string sounds from the Korg Trinity. Also a Hammond XB2 (I think) fed through a Leslie cabinet, via a Leslie footswich.

The Rack contains an emulator E4 Sampler, Fully loaded 128mb RAM, an Akai S1100, a Joe Meek Compressor (on the Nord, to curtail it’s inherant whackyness!). Also an Akai MPC2000 sequencer used for the Loops on Speedway at Nazareth and Junkie Doll. A set of Roland Midi bass pedals are deployed during ‘Who’s your baby’ as I’m playing acoustic and singing. 

All this stuff then goes through a Yamaha ProMix 01V and then out 2 outputs only. “I always do my own mixing”.

Program changes are all controlled by a Real World/Sycologic systems Midi patcher. One program change per song. (hence numbers next to song titles on MY set lists)

All keyboards and Modules have their own stereo volume pedal. Roland stereo volume pedals (the old metal ones are the only ones that’ll stand the punishment) Roland, please start making them again!

This picture was taken at the Milwaukee show……….