OK, the European leg of the STP tour got under way last night with the first of three nights at the wonderful Albert Hall. We confessed to being ever so slightly rusty even after only 6 days off. I suppose the Jet lag had something to do with it. It was great to see people dancing away, enjoying themselves in the boxes. It’s easy for us to see as they keep the lights on. The security tried yet again to stop people dancing in the aisles during the show….and failed.

Mark entertained about 100 guests in an after-show party in the Elgar room at the Albert Hall. In a whirlwind 2 hours, the band members ‘bounced’ around the room in an exhaustive attempt to speak to everybody there. Mark and I both agreed it was as tiring as the show itself. The wine flowed…..

Mark’s 1958 Gibson 330 was let out for the day (as we’re in London). Mark insisted I take a shot of it in the dressing room….

Robbie McGrath
Robbie at front of house.

Gold disc
Mark promptly exits the record company presentation this evening with his well earned award. This was an IFPI Double Platinum Europe Award for more than 2 million sales in Europe. The album has now sold 2.5 million in the Universal world. 

Sian Thomas, seen here also.

RAH Soundcheck
This evening, it was the crew’s turn to party after-show.. The steamy backstage bar was the venue for guests, and all. Since what has now become known as Glenn Saggers’ ‘Rudiger moment’ way back in Philadelphia, the crew have performed impeccably. So a Tour halfway-point thank-you from the band is well deserved. Indeed, well oiled machine.

Chad’s practice pad
The 3rd Albert Hall show was generally regarded as the best of the three. A great audience and a relaxed band performance led to an enjoyable evening for all. We all agreed that Sailing to Philadelphia an Romeo and Juliet were particularly good tonight. Once again, another after-show party hosted by Mark was attended by friends family and dignitaries. Everyone had a great time, thanks Mark. I went home afterwards for the day off, as there was wind in the forecast! And so there was!! I’m writing this with VERY sore arms after four hours of much needed windsurfing action. (27 knots SW and sunny, for those interested) I’m off to prepare the BBQ for the family and pack the case again as we’re off to Frankfurt tomorrow. New plane, I’ll report tomorrow.

Mike had a bit of a stage clothes moment. His hopes of doing his first show NOT wearing jeans were thwarted by the band consensus that brown boots (out of shot) don’t go with silver trousers! He reluctantly resorted to his usual stage attire.

Tray of goodies
The in-ear pre-show platter.

Glenn’s Pyro Man bass had to be repaired AGAIN after it’s 6ft. drop last night. The nut had to be reset and glued. It’s hangin’ in there though. A testament to Fender’s build quality.  

The ‘bass drop’ was enlivened by the addition of a DanElectro fuzz box tonight. It was switched in at the moment of impact by Mike. I think it went off a bit too far!