Here’s our Brendan. From Cork, Ireland, Mr. Galvin joined us for the European leg of the tour. He has taken over from Peter Mackay (you may remember he left us to join Rod after the US) Brendan has his work cut out making sure we’re everywhere we need to be….on time.

Fantastic show last night….Hamsterjam rocks!

The PA
Many of you have tekkies out there have requested some info on equipment. Today we look at the PA. Here’s our PA spec. supplied by sound man Jim Homan.

F.O.H.: Midas XL-4 Custom Mixing Desk 56 inputs.
Yamaha Pro Mix 01
Midas XL-88 Matrix Mixer

Effects: Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM 81
Lexicon PCM 90
T.C. 2290
Eventide H3000
Yamaha SPX 1000
Dynacord DRP 15

Inserts: 3 BSS Varicures
2 Al Smart Stereo compressors
1 BSS 901 4 Band compressor
3 TL Audio Stereo C1 compressors
2 Klark DN 3000
1 Klark DN 360
5 BSS 402 Stereo compressors
6 Drawmer DS 201 Stereo gates

Speakers: 22 V-DOSC
16 ARC’S
16 EAW Sub’s
6 EAW KF 300

Amplifiers: LA 48
Crest 8001