Red Rocks View
After four days off for band and crew, the prospect of an outdoor show at a venue as beautiful as Red Rocks was an exciting prospect. It’s been 16 years since Dire Straits last came here on September 3rd and 4th 1985 on the Brothers in Arms tour. (I found these dates on the ‘wall of fame’ backstage at the gig) Red Rocks is one of the nicest venues in the US as I’m sure many artistes will testify. The views from the top of the arena are staggering and the red rocks either on either side add an eerie quality to the place. One wonders what the history of this wonderful place is, I’m sure someone can enlighten us. The show was sold out. William Topley and his band opened for us and were awesome. I would estimate about 2,000 of the 9,000 fans were his. The weather held out for the show, it usually rains at around show-time apparently, although the wind whipped up a bit during the Money for Nothing encore. All in all a great evening. Another day off in Denver while the crew and gear travel to Seattle.

Here’s a few pictures from the venue at around sound check time.

View of the amphitheatre from the stage. What??? Flooded?

Mark’s Martin guitar in Denver.

Chad’s fab Kit
On the stage at Red Rocks…..

Here’s MK’s rack
From the top. Custom effects switcher
TC delay
Lexicon 300 reverb
Lexicon PCM90
another TC delay
can’t see the other 2 units, I’ll update later