The gig
The Congress Hall was the venue for our show in Warsaw last night. Our driver described it as ‘Stalin’s gift to Poland’. We were eager to know what type of audience to expect the band has never played there before. Mark and I visited briefly last November for a TV show and interviews and had a great time.

The reception we got last night was one of the warmest I’ve known. A wonderful crowd, clearly having a wonderful time. It was great to see so many smiling faces, people sharing seats, sitting in the aisles. The place was packed.

more crowd
More of the crowd, I thought it was about time I took the camera onstage with me. This was shot during So far away.

Met. report
Mark and I in the hotel lobby in Vienna, discussing the weather ahead for the forthcoming flight to Warsaw according to the Meteorological maps. signed guitar
The lucky competition winner receives his prize from Mark at the Warsaw pre-show meet’n’greet. A signed red Fender Stratocaster!!

Dave Cox
Here’s a shot of Dave Cox our lighting operator at his compact yet comprehensive ‘WholehogII’ lighting desk.