Austrian disc
Another Gold disc presentation this time in Vienna from Universal.

The first European GA (general admission ie, standing) show at the Stadthalle in Vienna was fantastic. I think the band enjoy these shows best as we can see more of the audience reaction which last night was truly fab. The sound was I understand, easily up to the high standards set by Robbie McGrath out front. He came backstage afterwards and was very pleased with the evening’s events. We had a go at Portabello Belle during soundcheck, but didn’t put it in the set as we weren’t fully confident with it but I’m sure it’ll be in soon. Silvertown is approaching fast!

MK in the dressing room
I’ve asked Mark’s manager, Paul Crockford to give his views on the subject of security at the shows. In response to many of you voicing displeasure at the way the security guys keep everyone in their seats and prevent people coming to the front of the stage during the show. Here’s what he says….

In all venues the security is hired by the promoter and is normally under the control of the venue and subject to various local rules and regulations. Each day we have a meeting with the venue, promoter and security to tell them how we want them to control the crowd. My normal speech will go something like this:

“Mark is very sensitive about how his audience is treated and we expect them to be able to have a good time and not be hassled by your staff unless they are in danger or are posing a threat to the show. I want you to see yourselves as custodians of their care rather than as a problem for you to deal with. We do not mind the audience taking photos providing they do not interfere with other audience members’ enjoyment and also providing they are not using professional quality equipment. We like our audience to stand and dance if they wish but we also understand that if only a small section wishes to stand this can make it difficult for those people who wish to watch the show from the comfort of there seats. Please use your discretion in dealing with any problems and try and smile at all times. Polite but firm is what we like. If you have any problems throughout the show then please do not hesitate to let us know so we can help you solve them.”

Despite our wishes some venues license conditions mean that they have to keep people in their seats and the aisles clear. These are normally conditions imposed by the local authority and are not within our control. I hope this clarifies the position on security for you all.

Reminiscent of a scene from the movie Delicatessen, Lampie, Gareth Crockford spends time during the show off the side of stage-left maintaining and repairing.  

A quick thank-you to all of you who have posted me e-mail. Your kind comments are greatly appreciated. Also some very valid questions and interesting feedback which I always pass on to the rest of the band, and MK of course. KEEP ‘EM COMING….