Buenos Aires March 31st

The first night in Buenos Aires was firmly stamped into our memories as we all went out for a ‘band’ meal at a beautiful waterside steak house in the city. Mark’s old pals Guillermo Vilas, the famous Argentine tennis player and Rudy Pensa, the maker of many of Mark’s guitars showed up at the restaurant. Both are native Argentine. Rudy flew down from New York City to see the shows, visit his family and hang out with us.

The next morning, Mark, Guy, Pete, Chad and Rudy all went along to the Guillermo Vilas tennis club for a knockabout! It took us more than a few days to recover as none of us had played tennis for years. We had a great time hitting balls with Guillermo and a couple of his training partners. Our fitness levels were embarrassingly exposed. I think we’ve all up’d the fitness since then. In fact we’re in the gym just about every day now.
Guy, Guillermo and Chad
Guy and Chad collapsed in an embarrassing heap after this shot was taken


Mark’s tale of being one of the best dancers in England, was always going to get him into trouble. At nearly all press conferences in South America an element of routine set in so he decided to spice things up a bit. Mark started to comment on his astounding natural talent for the tango. “I’m an expert on the tango!…but you’ll never know” he continued, “you’ll never see it.”
It almost backfired on him one night in a Buenos Aires Tango bar when he was ushered, quite forcefully by one of the dancers, toward the stage to demonstrate his never-before seen talents. He was stubborn in his absolute refusal to leave his seat. Mark said he didn’t have his tango shoes. Thank goodness. The talent remains hidden.

Pictured here are Mark, Guillermo Vilas and Rudy Pensa