Chastain Park Amphitheatre
Tonight’s show at the lovely Chastain Park in Atlanta proved to be a lot of fun. A fabulous venue where the only limitation was the 85 decibel sound limit. I hope we didn’t upset any of the local residents. The audience were really having a good time. They were up and standing from Sultans of Swing onwards. (45 minutes into the set) I think it’s the first time they haven’t sat back down. Once again, William Topley sang the Sailing to Philadelphia duet with MK. Another fine job William.  

That’s Robbie wandering across in shot.

The air crew
We had our final farewell flight on our beloved Gulfstream G4 tonight as we flew into Nashville. I just want to take this opportunity to thank our fabulous crew for a wonderful tour of the US. Our pilots Waldo, Ray and of course our stewardess, Amy. We’ll miss you.

Paul (Cod) Tallowin, our merchandiser seen here displaying his wares. (actually this was the Ryman in Nashville)  

I’m currently looking into the possibilty of making this stuff available on the web. Stay tuned!