MK and amp
What a show tonight in Brussels, it’s always great to return to the Forest National. The audience were truly amazing. I do however have a small apology to make to some of you. Namely the security tonight. I saw myself some of the crowd taking photos with small cameras and security guards actively confiscating them. I must stress this is NOT our policy (as mentioned in earlier diary entries) and apologise for the misunderstanding at the pre-show security briefing which resulted in this situation. Tomorrow will be different, as we have instructed security to adopt a much more passive stance.

Here’s a pic of MK and his practice amp in the dressing room

This morning we flew to Brussels from Farnborough airport in England on a different plane, as our Dornier 328 developed a fault with it’s landing lights. This is a Challenger. Very nice too.

Local Hero
We played Local Hero again tonight and Mark commented to me afterwards that the Tippex marks on his guitar neck are working very nicely. Well done Glenn.

Another great night last night at the Forest National as you can see from this shot taken by Eddie, Chad’s tech. Chad’s got himself a new digital camera (Canon G1) so I have some help with the pics. Also, I now have the facility to upload video (MPEG) so as soon as I have time I’ll get some stuff up here. It’s a bit hectic at the moment.

dressing room jam
Here’s a shot from the dressing room in Brussels of RB and MK running through a few licks. There’s that practice amp again.


It’s time for me to mention once again the song list issue. I’m afraid although we did run through Silvertown Blues AND Portabello Belle, it rather looks like we won’t be performing them in the near future. I think Mark isn’t happy about playing Silvertown, I’m sure he’s just not into the song…and quite rightly doesn’t want to force the issue. Admittedly it was one of the more difficult tracks to produce on the STP album and although Chuck and the band were happy with the result, I always felt Mark wasn’t. Personally I think that Portabello remains a remote possibility and when the time is right, I’ll mention it in sound check again. At least Going Home/Wild Theme is now a permanent addition, audience permitting.