The gig from the air
Taken from the plane, this picture shows the venue for this evening. I got this only because we had to do ‘fly-around’ ‘cos the runway was occupied on our first approach into Hamburg Airport. A seemingly chaotic air-show is taking place at the airport itself with all sorts of planes flying about. Some kind of anniversary I think.

Off to sound check now…more later…..competition no.2 coming up

Hamburg venue
When we played here last (6 years ago) we had to delay the show because of a thunderstorm, it was pretty much a repeat performance tonight. One hour before showtime (early, 7:30) the skies opened although thankfully it wasn’t a downpour of the same proportions as then. The rain abated just before we went on stage and held off for the entire show. The crowd were really fantastic considering they had to suffer the deluge, they couldn’t have been more receptive. What was weird was coming off stage while it was still daylight. We went straight to the plane and flew to Amsterdam because of the early show (10:00 curfew).

C Bar
Those of you who are familiar with the diary entries from Rio will understand the significance of this photo. The spelling of the word Caipirinha is obviously slightly different here in Germany.

Robbie’s view
Robbie’s view from the sound board.