Competition No. 4
Same as before…for the big picture, go to my website at and click on ‘Competition’.OK, just time, before we have our week off.  

The question is ‘In which cities were these photographs taken’. 
I think it’s probably just as difficult as Competition No.3.  
Please send answers to me at the usual addresses or Subject Competition!

Tennis in Rome
The venue in Rome. Chad and I packed our tennis gear at the beginning of the tour hoping we might encounter a few tennis courts along the way, if only we had known the first we would come across would be unplayable. Nevertheless, a fantastic place to play a show. Very deep so you get the benefits of an indoor arena, but no roof so you have the advantage of sound dispersal, and it’s outdoors, so a lovely cool breeze. I’m guessing, about 9,000?

BTW, I’m officially announcing that the gig is at the Centrolino Tennis Stadium in Rome.

behind the stage
This one, taken from behind the stage one hour before show-time.

In fact,
about where Geraint, Mike and Chad are sitting.

Here’s a pic. Taken by Chad, from the same spot during my attempt at Local Hero (wild theme) with MK.

Chad Chat
Chad was getting about today, pictured here on the approach to the Coliseum. (just to prove that we are actually in Rome) I however dutifully stayed in my hotel room and conducted a live internet chat at 1:00pm GMT on the MK NEWS website.

I’ll be doing another one after the break and I’ll post information along with Terry Kilburn, who organised it.