West London, familiar and not….

Evening draws in and we make our way back to the hotel after day one of rehearsal and the band reunion. As we drive along the Westway en-route to Marylebone, I gaze at the multitudes of cranes that dot the landscape, imagining the smiling faces of investors in that industry. In 1981 I spent some time in a flat in Acton. I assumed that the area would never change, remaining a grey blob on the periphery of my mental London image. I was so wrong as the ceaseless rebuilding of London currently shows no signs of stopping here.

So, to our hosts for the past few weeks in relatively new premises far removed from the dank dungeons that we used in the 70’s and 80’s. Music Bank offers a rehearsal facility with plenty of space, natural light and an area for the welcome return of our star catering team, Chris, Steve and Dave. You’ll recognise them all as we go, maybe even some of the dishes.

The 2019 tour has been hugely anticipated by all. Here we are again, with some notable additions. Danny Cummings returns on Percussion, Graeme Blevins and Tom Walsh on Sax and Trumpet. There are so many new and interesting things to share with you. The production, the musicians, the crew, the new equipment, the new PA, new lights and yes, the food. I will get to it all once we’re moving…