Much of our time in the past week has been spent fine tuning both equipment, arrangements and performances in preparation for what lies ahead. 

Knowing full well the impact of touring, backup systems are essential and protection in the form of flight cases has to be well organised and this is the week that the crew get all that done. Roland keyboards surround us and both Jim and I are using their latest and best. A fill rig rundown will be available soon in video form.

The number of flight cases increases daily and in this cavernous hall, the switch from rehearsal room to stage is exciting as we are acquainted with the stunning new PA and lighting rigs. The reality hits. Suddenly we are running the set, or at least portions of it between tea breaks, musical discussion and what theatre people call ‘tech’. Technical ‘stuff’. Prior to these rehearsals, Mark and I spent three weeks of tech and previews in Edinburgh, ensuring the Local Hero musical band got off to the best start possible.

Our time in Scotland meant both Mark and I felt we were slightly behind schedule so the three week rehearsal period was welcomed. The keys rigs are virtually new and the preparation time for setting these things up cannot be taken lightly, plus the small matter of the band not having worked for just under four years meant we were all pretty tired at the end of each day and apart from Tom, our trumpet player, none of us are exactly spring chickens.

Up on the 6th floor, the invincible catering team prepare immaculate breakfasts, lunches and dinners for band and crew. Our time here in the West Midlands has been both relaxing and productive and the facilities we are using are the best. The weather to end the week isn’t too bad either as Summer shows up for the Easter break.

Ready to go, the cases are rolled out of the hall and into the trucks for their first trip together, ahead of us….to Barcelona. “See you there in a few days…”

Mike McGoldrick, John McCusker, Tim Myer, Kevin Rowe, Graeme Blevins and Tom Walsh