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Anomaly CD

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Comes with 24 page full colour booklet

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Dimensions 17 × 17 × 1 cm

2 reviews for Anomaly CD

  1. Jon Agirre (verified owner)

    This is a blooming album, and it’ll be in bloom for as long as you need it to. The product of a two-year-long winter, Anomaly is colourful, fragrant and detailed.

  2. TheWizard (verified owner)

    I’ve been listening to Anomaly for the last couple of weeks and I tell you: it’s a masterpiece! Anomaly feels like a picture puzzle to me, there’s always something new to discover the more you listen to it, taking a close look to the booklet strengthens that feeling. I can’t tell you how much I like to listen to songs for many times and always get surprised by new sounds and details. That’s the case for your previous albums as well but I think with Anomaly you created a whole new musical landscape. What I always liked about your music is how unpredictable and refreshing it is, I noticed this especially when it comes to chord changes. I expect chord A but no: here comes chord B and it sounds perfectly harmonic and familiar, also it adds a very special twist to your songs. ‘Airtime’ spontaneously comes to mind. So far I have already picked a few favourite songs but I’m not at the end of the journey yet:

    Unlucky Number – The most touching track of the album and it immediately gave me goose bumps
    Paper Plane – a sweet and happy sounding song, can I hear some ELO vibes there?
    Anomaly – I find this one very cozy and heartwarming and a great choice for the title track. My favourite detail is the brass sound coming in at around 1:39 – Prophet 5 maybe?
    Chaseside Avenue: dark sounding, melancholic, stomping and beautiful – I’d really wish to know what was your inspiration for that song
    Silver Sun – it’s hard to describe this one in words, I love it and sometimes I think it could be out of a James Bond movie
    Yuliya – This song feels sad but also optimistic at the same time, bittersweet in a way – I’m also very curious about the story of this track.

    As you can probably see I’m not a music critic but I recognize good songs when I hear them Thanks a lot for the great album and also for taking your time to sign and dedicating it, it is much appreciated.

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