Tim Hook has been exposed. He’s actually a Hillbilly from east Tennessee who is masquerading as a tour manager in Europe. Local authorities take note. A small slip-up pictured here, Tim was caught busking outside the dressing rooms.


These folks had the best view of the stage in the house, as you can see in the pic below.

Taken one hour before we went onstage.

Busking is a bit of a theme in this diary entry. Richard caught red-handed this time! with a guitar case full of lire

The shrubbery
Flowers on the stage before the show, why?

meanwhile, backstage dining……
Please…could we eat now? Our regular caterers took the day off to allow the local gastronomes to show what they can do.

hold that pose
Well, he’s obviously busking….

but Chad’s too wiley to be caught red-handed.