It’s the Olympic Pavillion Badalona
Just realised, the venue is not specified.. even though it’s been in the itinerary since we were in the US. Better late than never.

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What a night. We always expected something special from the fans in Barcelona having experienced it before in the ‘La Monumenta’ bullring, and at the show last night they didn’t disappoint. In fact Tim Myers, my tech, came into the dressing room just before the show and warned us it was a lively crowd as every time he went onstage to set up something he got a big cheer. We could hear it from the dressing rooms. As soon as we walked onstage it was electric. Electric being the key word here as during Bonaparte, the PA and monitors went out with a big ‘thump’. The crowd continued to sing along (loudly) for about 5 minutes while we all strummed our silent instruments on stage! Our wonderful crew managed to rectify the problem and we continued the show.

there go those arms again
Mark wanted me to mention something about the choice of venue. We had originally planned to do the show at the bullring, but our plans were thwarted by a new city policy. Because the city want to promote a new venue they have built, they have prevented all shows at La Monumental. It’s manager wanted us to play there. It has special memories for us, In fact we were the last act to play there 6 years ago. When our request was rejected, Mark appealed to the Mayor by writing a letter. In fact several letters were written and have all been completely ignored by the Mayor of the city, not even a courtesy response. We just thought you should know this.

These pictures from the show were kindly taken by Alex, you remember, one of our drivers from ‘Bernie’s journeys’.