Yep, we’re still here.

Obviously there’s not too much I can say about the music but Mark and I are continuing to shuffle along our merry path towards sonic bliss.
We’ve come across some interesting little discoveries with mics and pre-amp combinations and have been experimenting whenever possible and appropriate.

The other day we recorded a guitar in the big studio 1 area using his old Marshall JCM45 and cab. They were used on Brothers in Arms and Money for Nothing. Mark dug deep into the ’58 Les Paul and it was quite a noise. That’s a Neumann U67, a KM88i and a Shure SM57 on the cab. We also used four ambience mics making a total of seven mics for one guitar. Can’t say I’ve ever done that before.

The API console in studio 2 is in full use
An Amp array in Studio 1
We’re lucky enough to be using a bank of Prism A-D and D-A converters. Simply the best I think.
Here’s Graham Meek. Graham has been here since the studio’s opening and is the chief technician. He’s a real font of knowledge in terms of mics, pre-amps, recording techniques and general biffery since he spent many years working at the world renowned Decca studios. There’s nothing Graham loves more than to be able to help restore an old microphone or discuss the merits and historic aspects of the more technical elements of what we get up to here. Here Graham is preparing to move some of the computers in our machine room.
Here’s a shot of Studio one whilst we were recording that guitar overdub. Mark was in the room so the guitar was on the edge of feeding all the time. I forgot to mention the amp was on FULL. Everything FULL. More soon.