Crocks is back
OK, I’m back.

After a welcome break of seven whole days off, we’re back on the road, literally. This morning in London we met the tour bus which will whisk us round the UK in luxury this week. There was quite a pleasant surprise awaiting us. The ‘splendid’ chap who drove us around Europe on the Golden Heart tour, a certain BJ Lewis, is back in the driving seat. It’s particularly gratifying as BJ had a serious problem with his back and only completed the ‘96 tour in extreme pain. At one point he had to be replaced as he couldn’t sit. None of us expected him to be driving again. Great to have you back BJ.

Most of the band went home to their families in Tennessee for the break but I went home to the south coast of England. If you check out my website (links, windsurfing links) you’ll see what I got up to. Here’s proof that Crocks is back with us on the road. Seen here enjoying my hospitalty after the show tonight.

Mike is pictured here in the dressing room trying on Chad’s baseball glove. All the Nashville boys have brought their baseball equipment to the UK with the unified commitment of turning Geraint into a helluva ballplayer.

Crocks again 
Further proof.

My brother, Conrad came to the show tonight and someone grabbed my camera.