new guitarist!!
A brief word about the San Diego show. A truly wonderful crowd here. Hope you all enjoyed it! Pictured is our new guitarist!!! Peter Mackay

I feel I should address the issue of ‘Songs/setlists’. I’m getting so many e-mails requesting songs from Golden Heart and earlier Dire Straits albums, that I literally can’t keep up with these responses. I’ll try here to settle your concerns once and for all.

The reason we’re not playing most of that older stuff is SIMPLY because we don’t want to. Most of it Mark just isn’t into doing anymore. Also, there just isn’t time in a show to do any more stuff than we already do. We are enjoying playing everything that’s in the set at the moment and as soon as we grow tired of anything, it will get benched for a while. We do this to keep things fresh, for your enjoyment! We have been resting Brothers in Arms occasionally but will continue to play it throughout Europe.

Glenn Saggers
Glenn Saggers, takes a moment to adjust his ears..He wears them too!..the same mix as MK.
Curfew. Just wanted to point out that some of the shows we do, the venue requires us to finish at a specific time. This is why some of the shows are shorter than others. Generally we will be playing between two to two and a half hours.