Questions, Questions
Thanks for all your e-mails. It’s great to have the feedback from the diary both positive AND negative……..keep them coming

Unfortunately, yesterday I left my camera switched on during the flight to Seattle…when I went to take shots at the venue…no could do!…Left the charger on the plane!! Here’s a pic of my workstation………We had a really good show in Seattle…it was a great sounding hall. The dynamics from the stage were very easy to control. We could take the dynamic right down to almost nothing and yet when we ‘rocked’ the hall could take it……

I’ve been asked a few specific questions many times and rather than continually typing the same answers to everybody, I thought I’d clear a few things up here ……A lot of you are asking if we are going to do Silvertown blues in Europe……..We are going to start rehearsing it this week!……We will also continue to play Telegraph Road BUT will not be doing Tunnel of Love. ALSO the set lists are decided at the end of sound check usually by Mark and myself. Sometimes other band members will suggest certain tunes on certain nights….but it’s usually just a case of what we feel like playing OR what we think a certain venue will require. We’re not always right. Certain songs are left out because we want them to remain fresh when we do play them. Brothers in Arms, for example is sometimes left out because we’re simply tired of playing it. If you’re not into it…why do it, is the general rule. Although in Denver we did play it a little quicker in and it worked much better. Sometimes it’s better to ‘rest’ these songs for a while…if you do that then they’ll return…………………….
Some people have asked about the numbers next to each song title on MY set list…… those numbers are PROGRAM CHANGE numbers. I input them into my SycoLogic device before each song….as soon as I hit ENTER…All the synths and devices change via MIDI…VOILA!……..

Here’s a pic of Marks’ Soldano amps. These settings are set for Calling Elvis and Walk of life.

Oh dear!
A dodgy self portrait