This is the now famous Rudiger. The man who inspired the song. As always, he waits at the hall in Berlin.

An empty hall during soundcheck at the ICC. That’s Geraint’s Hammond B3 in the foreground.

Attack of the killer teddy bear drummer. When lighting designers get bored!!

White Strat
Here’s a pic of Glenn Saggers tuning and greasing up the white Strat. for What it is. On tight stages, Glen sets up right behind my keyboard riser. This shot was actually taken at the previous show in Warsaw.

Richard Bennett backstage, warming up on Mark’s gloriously silky Gibson ES335. (It’s my personal favourite guitar of all time, that and the 330)

Another boring anorak picture of our little Dornier 328. 

When we flew into Berlin from Warsaw, we asked the crew not to wear uniforms thus promoting a more relaxed atmosphere. I think they were quite happy about that. A full on multi-course meal was enjoyed by all, beautifully prepared by our lovely stewardess, Joanna.