March 2009

A pleasant surprise as whilst we were mixing Sir George Martin dropped in to have lunch with Chuck, Mark and myself and to have a look round British Grove for the first time. He was most impressed of course. We spent quite a while reminiscing about the marvellous times we had on the beautiful island of Montserrat during the recording of the Brothers in Arms album. George showed us his latest photos from the island he often visits.

George and Mark in Studio 1

George shows Mark the latest from Montserrat on his iPhone.

George and me (blurry)

October 2008
Welcome to another of my diaries which over the coming months will document the recording of another Mark Knopfler studio album. Fresh off the KTGC tour, Mark talked about wanting to get back into the studio as soon as possible and well, here we are.

Mark and I are already into our second week and as we go I will as usual be taking photo’s of interesting things/musicians etc. and telling the odd story or two. The RECORDING diary will differ slightly from the TOUR diary in that it won’t be updated daily, life in the studio just isn’t as exciting, or as scenic as when we’re out on the road! Nevertheless, I’ll do my best to keep you informed of our progress. We do have a solid diary sketched out so stay tuned and check on our progress.

You can of course (as always) join the FORUM and ask me questions and offer comments which I will answer in my customary way. Thanks.

After graciously accepting the prestigious award at the cafe de Paris the previous evening,
David Steward (studio manager) and Rich Cooper (soon-to-be famous engineer) pose with the trophy in studio 1.
Congratulations to all David Harries, Graham Meek, Martin, Joe, Glenn and Mark.

Music Producers Guild Awards 2009
Best Studio