March 2009 update

The final studio diary entry of the album.

We’re well into the mix now, Chuck contemplates at the Neve 88R

As quick shot of Richard with the Monteleone Isabella

Dan behind the Rogers mid 60’s drumkit with a Sonor snare which was made for the 2003 tour which never happened. The song is ‘Cleaning My Gun’.

Matt gets to sit at the organ stationMatt gets to sit at the organ station

Richard Bennett plays Mark’s Burns electric 12 string which appears more than once on the new record. Here he plays on ‘Cleaning My Gun’.

The room in all it’s glory

Richard playing a new Fylde bouzouki on ‘Border Reiver’.

me and the B3 on ‘Piper To The End’.

Mark in one of the larger booths with the 59 Les Paul

Glennius Worfeus with the Fiesta Red Precision bass that we all love so dearly…we love him too!

The Big Man with his big bass on ‘Before Gas and TV’.

The twin remotes for the pair of Studer A800 tape machines which can be seen through the window. As you can see, Chuck has to be lightening quick to arm the tracks once the take is in record. In actual fact it’s either Rich or Martin, our trusty assistants who man the analog machines. As mentioned before, we use analog tape for most of the recording whilst we’re tracking.

Chuck ponders a piano comp (on screen) Matt had just recorded an overdub on a song (Remembrance Day) which Mark an I worked on back in 2006 but it never made it onto KTGC. We’re all very glad it has resurfaced as it’s absolutely gorgeous. Matt replaced my original piano part and of course made it his own and took it to another level.

The classic Vox Continental (single manual as opposed to my double) Both Matt and myself have used this on the record.

During filming Richard takes a break with the Burns 12

Matty plays the piano part on ‘Remembrance Day’ which was originally tracked with the band back in 2007 but never made it on to the KTGC album. We’re all glad that it looks like it fits right in to this new record.

Mark and Chuck show the film crew around the place.

John McCusker, Michael McGoldrick and Phil Cunningham working on ‘Before Gas and TV’.

L-R 1960 Gibson ES335 (blonde), Gibson Southerner Jumbo 1953, MK sig Strat, Gibson Les Paul special 1958, 1958 Gibson ES335, Don Grosh electric,
MK Strat, 1960 Gibson ES330, Fender Fiesta Red Precision bass 1964, Gibson advanced 1938, Burns double 6 2006

L-R MK Sig Strat, ’59 Les Paul, Gibson Southerner, Don Grosh electric, another MK Sig Strat, Fiesta Red Precision, Gibson Advanced

Neumann U67

The kids were invited in to sing on ‘Remembrance Day’ last Saturday (21st March), here they are during the first few takes. They all sang beautifully, of course.

a few shots from the string session we did at British Grove on Monday. That’s Rupert Gregson-Williams conducting.
The line up was 18 Violins, 6 Violas, 4 Cellos and 2 French Horns.
You can see the M50’s on the Decca tree above Rupert’s head.

As ever the microphone array is something to behold during British Grove string dates.

2 Neumann M49’s on the four cellos

Anthony Pleeth (far left) one of the finest cellists in the world, his father William, taught Jacqueline du Pré.

The strings were used on Hard Shoulder, Border Reiver, Monteleone and The Car Was The One.

Chuck and Glenn enjoy the delights of the Mawson Arms
without question the best pint of Fullers ESB and London Pride in the world. How could it not be, it’s attached to the brewery!

The evening rabble congregate outside the Cross Keys pub in Chiswick -Glenn, Richard, Danny and Mr. Saggers (sporting the finest Galvin Green outerwear)

We’re all looking forward to getting out on the road again in the Spring/Summer of 2010. There will be lots of promo activity after the album release so stay tuned for info on that. TTFN