Today I can announce the birth of my new official website.  
It is still in its infancy and is a bit basic at the moment, but as soon as I have some time I will be uploading all sorts of goodies, a large selection of pictures (THUMBNAILS), MP3’s, MPEGS etc. You’ll be able to go here and download much larger images (like this one) from the tour. You should bookmark this now because I will be continuing my site after the current tour has finished and will be maintaining some sort of diary in a slightly less religious format there. I will also be resuming the MK diary whenever we go back into the recording studio to make the next album. Don’t send me any questions asking when that’s going to happen because at the moment I cannot say but I promise I will announce it whenever I can.

Here’s the venue in Nimes. The beautiful Arena. We had a problem with the wind in soundcheck (Le Mistral) but thankfully it abated for the show. The show was superb, another fantastic French crowd. 

You can now send me mail at and it will reach me wherever I am. You can of course still use if you wish.

Another shot of the Arena. We did a runner after the show and flew this time on a Falcon 900 to Barcelona. Really nice plane.

I’ve had a lot of questions about the impending LIVE RECORDING. I can now announce that we will be recording 2 shows in Spain, Madrid and Bilbao on Monday and Tuesday. The aim is to release a video/DVD which should be out before Christmas. I’d like it to include some of the footage I’ve shot in the diary (I’ve shot video too), we’ll see.

windswept and interesting
Here’s a windswept and interesting shot of Chad and Glenn at the top of the arena. Stunning views from up here of the show, surrounding town and countryside.

Here’s Geraint tinkling away in the sunshine after soundcheck.

This T-shirt given to Mark by one of you fans amused us quite a bit.

Here’s that plane on the tarmac at Barcelona airport last night

Fans outside the Nimes Arena.