Mike attire
You can see by the way Mike is attired here how hot the show was last night at the Zenith in Paris. The temperature reached 36 degrees centigrade on the stage, and that was probably the coolest place in the venue. Apparently there was never any air conditioning installed there. It’s due to be even hotter today so if you’re coming along bring lots of water. The show itself was fantastic. Notable moments were, the intro to Telegraph Road where apparently the PA cut out due to a computer fault on the Front of house mixer. Mark and I couldn’t work out why the crowd were going bananas throughout my keyboard intro AND even when he joined me on the National. It was only when he came in on the electric that the problem was resolved. A definate ‘moment’ for Robbie. Also Mikes ‘showbiz’ solo in Elvis where he displayed his bare knees went down a storm.

Because of the temperature inside the venue, the only place to be for us was outside the back door in the car park. We set up the band lounge there and Mark, Mike and Richard had their practice amps set up there. Here we see our Brendan, Max (my ten year old son) and Mark enjoying the gentle summer breeze outside.

Here’s a shot of Mark and Richard doing the same.

Pre show Zenith
Here’s a pic (taken by Max) of the pre show crowd, patiently waiting in the heat. It was even hotter tonight!

I hear once again that the security were not letting people into the venue with cameras. I guess it was because Paul Crockford spent yesterday in a hospital bed and couldn’t call his usual security briefing (as mentioned earlier) The problem is that nearly all other bands are totally paranoid about people taking photos and recording the show (GOD KNOWS WHY!!) the venues automatically assume that we have the same policy. Sorry.

MH Les Paul
Mike again, this time knocking out a few tunes on MK’s NEW Les Paul.

Richard outside, guitar in hand as usual. Thanks to everyone in the audience for the 2 Paris shows and for withstanding the high temperatures, it was hard enough for us and we had the benefit of hanging outside before the show. We had a LOT of fun.

Steamy night
Here’s a great shot of the stage during So Far Away. Sent in by Gerrit from Belgium.. it looks hot doesn’t it?