Outside the Las Ventas
This is the wonderful Las Ventas bullring in Madrid with the mobile recording trucks sitting outside. Thinking about it this morning it’s quite remarkable that we did the show at all. The trucks with our equipment only arrived from Lisbon at the venue at midday, ususally they arrive very early in the morning. The stage was still being constructed at that point, because of the bullfight held in the arena the night before. When the band arrived at 7:00pm the crew had only just raised the PA system. From empty venue to a full show (being recorded) in 12 hours….amazing.

The mobile
Chuck did a great job ensuring everything got recorded to tape. We used two Sony 3348 48 track digital multitrack tape machines to capture the evenings performance. As you know the show was also filmed. Seems like everybody got the footage they wanted.
Here’s a shot of Chad and Chuck inside the audio mobile.

Spanish City
With the doors just opened, the first fans rush to the front.. I guess this is part of the Spanish City contingent. Actually, I do have a message to any Fan Club fans who will be at the show in Bilbao. Because we are recording this show also, I have a request. Last night when the each song finished, the sound of the crowd singing the ole, ole, ole tune was overpowering. It’s ok to do it once or twice, but it was at the end of every song and it means we will have difficulty using the audience mics in the recordings. I know it’s you guy’s who start it, and I know you’d all love to be on the DVD but could you maybe only do it during the encores. I know you’d love it if we played along with you and Mark did in fact try to play along, after we finished Bonaparte. But Glenn (his tech) had his guitar switched off and Mark couldn’t attract his attention.

Soundcheck at Las Ventas
Soundchecking Speedway at Nazereth on the stage in amongst the cameras.