Competition No. 3
The competition is going extremely well.30 entrants and NOBODY has got the correct answers yet! Check out my site for the question and click COMPETITION No. 3 

Sorry Glenn, I just had to. You know what it’s like when you’re wandering around the venue looking for interesting things to photograph. Please forgive me?

A great shot here of Richard Bennett playing my Magnatone Varsity 6 string steel guitar. I now use this guitar for our Meet’n’greet ‘Rangy Boy’ sessions. Basically what started out as Mike and Richard entertaining the meet’n’greeters before the show, has developed into a sideline band ‘The Rangy Boys’, of which I’m now proud to be a member. Photo’s AND audio of these events will be coming very shortly. (I’ll record the next one)

Moody Mike
Mike Henderson preparing himself mentally for the imminent two and a half hours of show biz.

Here’s the venue. I remember playing here often with the Straits. Quite a different audience from the wonderful mayhem of Spain. The gig tonight was sonically excellent. The crowd were fabulous although it took us a while to get used to the silence during songs. They politely made their way to the front and were all standing from Brothers in arms onwards. By the end they were incredibly loud.

Mike’s next victim
Now that Richard has no money left, it looks rather like Mike has got Geraint addicted to the card game of choice for the tour, Casino.

Competition No. 3
This isn’t it, it’s a picture of what Chuck will be doing right now back in Nashville. Listening to the recordings from Madrid and Bilbao.

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