such concentration
Mike, Mark and Glenn Worf caught concentrating during the Stuttgart sound check.  

The audience this evening were apparently typically Stuttgart. They took a while to get going, but once they got there they were absolutely fantastic. Really enthusiastic. During the last encore, literally everybody had their arms in the air. Sorry about the delayed house lights after we went off for the third time. We called for them to be turned on but I guess the local operator had other ideas. The crowd thought we were going to do a 4th encore. The band were already in the dressing room tucking into sandwiches and Chateuneuf du pape 1995.

We enjoyed the show tonight although we felt the set needs a change or two…Tomorrow will tell… 

good hair day
Some of you may recognise this man (not me) Jurgen, a very good friend of Marek Leiberburg (our German tour promoter) cut my hair just before the show tonight. He then went on to beautify Mark, Chad, Glenn and Paul Crockford (by god, he really needed it).

Thanks again Jurgen.